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School of Sports Sciences and Technology

Department of Sports Management of School of Sports Sciences and Technology, established in collaboration with the İstanbul Bilgi University and Sportsnet Group, aims to bring experts in the fields such as sport-oriented property management, sports-oriented marketing communication and brand management that sport industry need and rapidly evolve in Turkey and all around the world.  Sport, as one of the most prominent phenomena belonging to human beings, has a wide range perception that is terminologically reaches up end-points. Depending on the cultural structures of the societies and the anthologies of the sport, it can express distinctive meanings. The main reason for this is that sport has occupied a very large space with thousands of years of history dating back to the past of mankind.  Today, sport industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with a volume of 1.6 trillion USD. The global pharmaceutical industry, which has reached 1.1 trillion USD and the sales of the automotive industry is 1.8 trillion dollars, the sports industry and other sport related industries also take a big share. This 1.6 trillion USD include publications, tickets, merchandising revenues from sports consumers, facility investments on sport, hot money flow between sports institutions / clubs (500 billion USD), sports investments made by governments through youths (200 billion USD), sports betting on sports (400 billion USD), sports centers (USD 100 billion), sporting goods (USD 320 billion), sports nutrition industry (USD 35 billion). Looking at the figures only in the US, it can be seen that there is a 7 times larger industry than Hollywood, which is thought to be the largest entertainment industry in the world. Especially today, when communication technologies are so developed, sport and its arms are no longer only in the boundaries of countries where they are organized, but are followed all around the world regardless of time and place. İstanbul Bilgi University School of Sports Sciences and Technology aims not to train athletes, coaches, technical directors in the field which requires physical strength as an individual and a team. With the fact that the sport is the most important communication tool in the world, this department aims to educate the managers in this awareness for the upper echelons of this sector. In our country, which has become a stoppage of big organizations and has made significant progress every year in the sports industry. Starting from the necessity that the sector should be delivered to professionals who can manage alike organizations, sports clubs and federations in accordance with the conditions of the times, it is aimed to educate students that are qualified, knowledgeable regarding regulations and can provide the integration of the service on the international field.  In this direction, the graduates of the BİLGİ School of Sports Sciences and Technology will be equipped to work in the federations of various branches, in the management levels of sports clubs, and in written and visual sports media. English Preparatory Program is obligatory; 30% of the department curriculum is in English.
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