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Faculty of Law

Legal education is an education branch with centuries-long traditions. Therefore, fundamental courses such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Law of Obligations, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law are a part of all Law Faculties’ curricula. This is also a vocational obligation which exists all around the world. On the other hand, newly-emerging social, economic, technological, cultural sectors that are subject to legal regulations should also be a part of legal education. Likewise, developments in economic and technological sectors that have gained acceleration in development starting with the second half of the 20th century, made other courses gain importance in legal education. This is why BİLGİ Faculty of Law’s curriculum includes elective and compulsory courses such as Competition Law, Information and Technology Law, Capital Markets Law, Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law. A significant portion of these courses are offered in English. Within this context, it should be underlined that, since the academic year 2016-2017, BİLGİ Faculty of Law has been offering 30% of the total course load of a student pursuing the four-year undergraduate program in English. Additionally, our students have access to a multidisciplinary education thanks to their ability to pursue minor and double-major programs. Students of BİLGİ Faculty of Law have the possibility to spend one or two semesters of their legal education in a university abroad through the ample number of Erasmus exchange agreements while simultaneously developing their skills by having the ability to compete in several moot court competitions organized locally and internationally. Another significant component of BİLGİ Faculty of Law’s legal education is the "Legal Clinic". Open to third- and fourth-year students, this course offers a legal education methodology that was for the first time introduced in Turkey by BİLGİ Faculty of Law in 2003. The course has reached its 15th year now. This education methodology allows students to apply their basic legal knowledge and skills to real-life cases, offering free-of-charge guidance to those involved. On the other hand, Career Days organized since 2003 have a significant impact on our students’ job search post-graduation. The invaluable academic staff of BİLGİ Faculty of Law has and is taking lead in their scientific research. In this regard, it should be noted that there are various research centres and institutes within our Faculty. These are Information Technology Law Institute, Competition Law and Policy Research Centre, Intellectual Property Law Centre, Marine Law and Policy Research Centre, Human Rights Centre, Comparative Labour and Social Security Law Centre, Research Centre for International Trade Law and Arbitration.
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