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School of Aviation

The civil aviation industry has made major advances in the 21st century, and travelling rapidly and safely has become a crucial part of modern life. Air transport is now an important part of our lives, considering that time, safety and security are becoming more and more important with every passing day. Although it’s been jsut more than one century since the Wright Brothers designed the world’s first engine-powered aircraft in 1903, we now have thousands of airplanes, airports and airline companies, performing millions of flights that carry billions of passengers annually. There is no end in sight to this incredible transformation, and the share of civil aviation among other modes of transport is constantly on the rise. As globalization, technology and communication continue to transform the world, the aviation industry is experiencing rapid transformation and development. Economic indicators show that job creation and growth in the aviation industry will continue in the next twenty years, further increasing the popularity of aviation-related professions. The aviation industry has traditionally been one of the first industries to adopt advances in science and technology. Considering this close relationship with science and technology, it is not surprising that the aviation industry is in constant need for qualified personnel, and Turkey is not an exception in this regard. What is more, interest in, and demand for, national and international air transport has been growing faster in Turkey compared to other countries. In the last 10 years, the growth rate of air transport has been 5% globally, while it reached 14% in Turkey. The purpose of the Department of Aviation Management is to respond to this rapid growth by training qualified civil aviation executives and managers who can speak a foreign language and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required by both their management responsibilities and the requirements of the aviation industry in general.
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