General Information of Faculty

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Applied Sciences is the academic unit that has most recently joined the administrative structure of BİLGİ. Having been founded as a result of bringing together the four strong schools of our university in 2022, our faculty is also a part of an established applied science tradition. By bringing the departments within the School of Tourism and Hospitality, School of Aviation, School of Sports Sciences and Technology, and School of Applied Sciences under the faculty roof, we have carried our academic accumulation in the field of applied sciences to a brand new level. In line with our university’s reputable and privileged education adopting the motto ‘Learning not for school but for life’, one of the most important priorities of our faculty is make sure that students gain experience in their chosen disciplines within life. We support the professional development of our students with programs preparing them for professional life, with obligatory and voluntary internships, and by offering ‘learning by doing’ opportunities on our campuses and ensuring that our students gain experience through learning about the professional areas in which they will work in the future. In accordance with this, we aim to make sure that our students become experts in their chosen disciplines and quickly adapt to the professional life after their graduation. As the Faculty of Applied Sciences, we support the academic, professional, and individual development of our students at every phase with our strong academic staff and aim that they will graduate as individuals who can adapt to the rapidly changing current world, are equipped with international competencies, have good communication and problem-solving skills, and are able to think analytically.
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