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School of Advanced Vocational Studies

We are living in an era in which everything around us is changing and being rapidly restructured. The orders, traditions and habits of centuries, and even milieus, are disappearing. The contents of our perceptions, feelings and concepts are changing. From economy to politics, from states to international systems, all is being redesigned. ‘Speed’ is becoming the basic determinant of all events. Finding the fastest ways of travelling, transferring goods and services, and accessing knowledge are our main concerns. It is crucial to transmit our extant necessary knowledge into production processes in the most rapid way. What weneed is to equip ourselves with abilities that will help us reach our objectives as quickly as possible. İstanbul Bilgi University School of Advanced Vocational Studies aims at preparing students for their professional life through both academic and professional education. This dual education system is constructed upon the concept of “taking the best in the shortest time”. While introducing ‘a shortcut to the long way’, it is the quality of the academic and the professional staff of İstanbul Bilgi University that guarantees the success of our education system. Since education and professional training are the sectors that are most affected by the dynamism of our times of ‘change’, it is unavoidable to replace the traditional understanding of education with the new truths of the century. Within this context, İstanbul Bilgi University School of Advanced Vocational Studies is presenting an educational model that responds to the demands of our times by offering not only a diploma but also the necessary preparedness for professional life. The School of Advanced Vocational Studies offers its students both the ability to use a new language in an increasingly globalizing world and the opportunity to specialize in their fields of interest. The graduates of the programs of the School of Advanced Vocational Studies have the opportunity to continue their academic studies in the related four-year programs of İstanbul Bilgi University or others by taking the DGS Central Placement Exam.
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