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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

BİLGİ Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, founded in 2009, started undergraduate education with a multidisciplinary approach with the support of the architecture, social sciences, humanities, arts and mathematics disciplines in which BİLGİ has proven its excellence. The Faculty is located at santralistanbul Campus which is a home for the boiler houses of the Silahtarağa power plant, the first urban-scale power plant of the Ottoman Empire. Starting with a clean slate, the Faculty considers fresh approaches without the constraints of tradition and historical agreements. The departments are Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Energy Systems Engineering; and also Mathematics. The curricula of these programs have such major themes as new technologies, energy, biological developments, environment and sustainability, besides the engineering and science foundation courses. Based on this educational philosophy, all of our undergraduate programs, which were established together with the faculty (Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Genetics and Bioengineering), have been accredited by MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs) in the year 2017. BİLGİ graduates will gain an ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs, will be able to function on multidisciplinary teams, communicate effectively, have an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility, and understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context. BİLGİ Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences provides an opportunity for its students to test their knowledge and skills at the international level. At BİLGİ Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, students receive an excellent education in a lively academic, cultural and social environment. It is that combination that both promotes and satisfies intellectual curiosity and enhances personal development to meet the new challenges of an ever-changing world.
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