General Information of Faculty

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at İstanbul Bilgi University is the academic heart of the university, offering BA degrees in the basic arts: Comparative Literature, English Language Teacher Education, History, Music, Psychology, Sociology, International Relations, Political Science and European Union Studies. In addition to these degree programs, the faculty departments offer a wide variety of liberal arts courses as electives to the students enrolled in the other departments and programs throughout the university. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the number of students enrolled in the various programs of the faculty has reached 2.396. The teaching staff of the faculty, composed of 83 full-time and 23 part-time members, is renowned nationally and internationally for its contributions to various fields of scientific study and its devotion to teaching. A low student-faculty ratio means that teaching staff members of all ranks are able to allocate a considerable amount of time and effort to students as individuals. In this vein, the teaching staff members are closely involved in the individual and academic developments of the students, putting in considerable effort to support their transitions to working life. The primary goal of the faculty is to guide each student towards specialization in the fields of their choice through comprehensive education, while also widening their perspectives through offering various courses concerned with different subjects, to ensure that they grow up to become global citizens with the knowledge and awareness to think critically. In accordance with this goal, every program offered by the faculty, apart from the fundamentals of a field of science, works to equip the students with the intellectual and artistic skills essential to living and succeeding in an ever-changing world that poses different demands at every turn.
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