General Registration Procedures


  • Students who are accepted as new admitted students to Istanbul Bilgi University can start their registration process by visiting the "ÖSYS New Registration System" page of our university ( and entering the desired information with user name and password.

Username: TC Identity Number

Password: Birth Date (Day / Month / Year)

  • Enrollment can be done by coming to the University personally or online at the dates announced on the academic calendar.
  • Students who wish to continue their enrollment online may follow the steps specified in the "Online Registration Procedures Guide" at In order to complete the online registration process, it is necessary to take out the "Registration Completed Document".

        Students who are not centrally placed by OSYS can not register online

        Students who are placed in programs with special conditions can not register online

  • Students who are unable to complete the initial enrollment process or provide the necessary documentation within the time limit are deemed to have given up the right to register with BİLGİ.
  • Even if the records of the students whose documents are missing or falsified are canceled, BİLGİ has the right to make the necessary legal proceedings about the candidates registering by finding the false contradiction.

Documents for Registration

High School Diploma

  • If your diploma is not ready or not taken, you can register with the graduation certificate as soon as it is available. No documents are accepted except "Temporary Graduation Certificate" instead of "High School Diploma".
  • Diploma equivalency certificate obtained from the Provincial Directorate of National Education for high school diplomas taken abroad; If it is arranged in languages ??other than English, an additional notarized translation of the Turkish language is required.

Exam Result

  • You need to bring the placement result document that you received as a computer output from OSYM website.

Identity Card

  • The original identity card should be with you




Students who are accepted as graduate programs at Istanbul Bilgi University need to register with the University for the necessary documentation for registration. Student registrations are conducted at santralistanbul campus. For Kozyatağı Campus students, there is a possibility to register at Kozyatağı Campus.


  • Temporary graduation certificate or a notarized photocopy of undergraduate diploma (true copy, graduate diploma for Doctorate programs)
  • Equivalency Certificate for applicants with foreign undergraduate or graduate degrees 
  • Official transcript
  • Notarized copy of your ID or its photocopy
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Recent military service certificate (the deferral date must be after October 7th)
  • ALES /GMAT / GRE Scores (for those wishing to enroll in thesis-based programs and doctorate programs or for the departments who require scores for admissions)
  • Statement for Foreign Language Proficiency (TOEFL,YDS,e-YDS or BILET 3 scores as required for thesis-based Graduate and English language of instruction Graduate and TOEFL,YDS or e-YDS scores for Doctorate programs)

Foreign Nationals:

  • Notarized photocopy of undergradaute diploma (graduate diploma for Doctorate Programs)
  • Equivalency Certificate approved by YOK (Higher Education Council)
  • Official Transcript
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Original copy of your GRE, GMAT scorecard (if requested by the Program)
  • Relevant pages of your passport (ID details)


In order to complete the registration process in a shorter time without coming to the Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul campus personally, you can share your desired personal information by entering the following user name and password from the University's new registration system page (

Username: TC Identity Number / Foreign ID number

Password: Birth Date (Day / Month / Year)

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