Our Vision

vision-mission-valuesTo be an international university that expands the boundaries of science and art, embraces freedom, takes a lead in the development of society, provides a place where students and faculty share a passion for learning, and where all members, both academic and administrative, dedicate themselves to this end.

Our Mission

İstanbul Bilgi University undertakes to contribute to science, artistic production, and the development of technology; to educate individuals whose research and problem solving skills have developed in an atmosphere of free thought and an awareness of social responsibility, whose competencies meet international standards, and who in addition to respecting the rules of ethics and of professional objectivity are also open to multi-disciplinary approaches; and to serve society within multi-dimensional standards of quality.

Our Values

  • Respect for universal rights and freedoms
  • Academic freedom and responsibility
  • The inseparability of research and teaching
  • Independence and autonomy
  • Respect for pluralism and diversity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Participation
  • Social responsibility
  • Internationalism
  • A belief in life-long learning

Fundamental Principles

  1. BİLGİ pledges to abide by the universal principles and norms of human rights and liberties in all relationships and rejects discrimination in all forms and at every level.
  2. As a signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum at Bologna, BİLGİ affirms that academic freedom in research and teaching is the fundamental principle of university life.
  3. BİLGİ values and defends the independence and autonomy of all research, teaching, and learning against every form of political and economic power.
  4. BİLGİ believes in the importance of pluralism, diversity and critical thinking in both university and societal life.
  5. BİLGİ gives importance not only to cultural and esthetic values but also to the ecological sustainability of the physical environment at the scales of campus, city and nature, and strives to contribute to both.
  6. BİLGİ instills in students at every level academic and professional knowledge and skills for coping with the complex problems of today’s world that are both grounded in tradition and aim at innovation.
  7. BİLGİ is an international institution in every sense of the word, taking as its reference point for all programs competencies that meet international standards of quality as well as principles and practices of accreditation.
  8. BİLGİ gives importance to its students and alumni becoming people who are sensitive to and assume responsibility for the problems of society and the world
  9. BİLGİ espouses the principle of transparency and accountability in all of its relations and as such acts in accordance with legal and ethical principles.
  10. BİLGİ believes in a managerial system that is participatory and takes advantage of the experience and abilities of the faculty and students both in its corporate relations and in the operation and decision making processes at every level in the university.
  11. BİLGİ believes in the continual review of all its programs in light of thedynamic nature of contemporary life.
  12. BİLGİ develops life-long educational programs in accordance with its belief that access to means of self-improvement is a basic right for individuals at any age.
  13. BİLGİ aims to operate and provide service at both national and international levels.
  14. BİLGİ is a student-centered institution in all of its teaching and learning endeavors. BİLGİ ensures that its students actively participate in their learning and educational process and become individuals capable of researching, questioning, and integrating knowledge.
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