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ÖSYM (SSPE) Scholarships/Discounts

They are the nonrefundable scholarships/discounts granted to the students placed in the contingent for the students with scholarships/discounts and covering the whole or a part of their educational fees as specified in the ÖSYS exam guide. The candidates must choose “with scholarship/discounts’’ code in the university entrance guide in order to make use of the ÖSYM Scholarships. The ÖSYM (SSPS) Scholarships/Discounts continue for 2-year English Preparation Program* and 6 academic years in undergraduate education and 2-year English Preparation Program* and 3 academic years in associate education without interruptionwithww. ÖSYM Scholarships do not cover the summer school.

* Valid for the programs whose language of education is English.

Achievement Scholarships

This academic achievement scholarship is offered to students that have met the criteria for the scholarship (the respective academic year and Cumulative Grade Point Average – CGPA – must be 3.70 and above) after the successful completion of their second or third academic year and covers 50% of the tuition cost. The scholarship is valid for one academic year and is not valid for the summer term.

Need Based Scholarships

BİLGİ students who need financial support can apply for the Need Based Scholarship if they have continued their education without interruption as an active student registered for at least one academic year and document their financial and moral difficulties. The student whose application is accepted signs a commitment and the scholarships are granted for one semester or one academic year and do not include summer school.

Sports Scholarship

Students who are admitted to the national team in a sport where İstanbul Bilgi University competes at the inter-university level, and students who exhibit a high performance after joining the university team may be granted non-repayable sports scholarships upon the proposal of the Sports Coordination Office and at the rates to be determined by the Scholarship Committee. These scholarships are primarily based on the academic performance of the student and his/her efforts to represent İstanbul Bilgi University by joining the relevant university team. Sports for which scholarships will be made available are determined by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Sports Unit. Sports scholarships are granted for a maximum term of two years for prep students*, four years for undergraduate students, and two years for associate-degree students. No scholarship is granted for the Summer School. The scholarship is suspended if the student's GPA falls below 2.00.

* Only applies to programs offered in English.

Graduate Scholarships

İstanbul Bilgi University offers “Graduate Scholarships” to students continuing their education in graduate or doctoral programs. The scholarship amount, number, and conditions for applying is determined by the Board of Trustees every year and enforced by the Program Coordinators.

IB Discount

Students who have passed such exams as English IB, Abitur, Matura, French IB and Baccalaureate or Maturita and students placed with the ÖSYM exam are offered a 25% (for students who enrolled in and before 2019-2020 academic year 20%) discount on tuition fees throughout their study at İstanbul Bilgi University (two years of English Preparatory Program* and four years of departmental studies for undergraduate degrees; two years of English Preparatory Program* and two years of departmental studies for associate degrees). This discount does not cover the summer school.

Only applies to programs offered in English.

Alumni Discount

Graduates of İstanbul Bilgi University’s associate, undergraduate and graduate programs are offered a 30% (for students who enrolled as of 2019-2020 academic year) discount when they enroll in a new program.

Teacher Discount

The children of actively working or retired professors or faculty members are offered a 10% discount if they enroll in a program at İstanbul Bilgi University.

Sibling Discount

Siblings of current students and graduates of İstanbul Bilgi University are offered a 10% sibling discount if they enroll in a program at İstanbul Bilgi University. This discount applies to associate, undergraduate and graduate programs.

*The scholarships/discounts are not valid for the Summer School.
*There is no other scholarship except for the ÖSYS Scholarship available for the University of Liverpool Dual Degree Program fourth year students.

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